Reports suggest Google Inc. is in hot water over an Android patents war, with fellow corporate giants like Oracle, Microsoft and Apple.

The company is accused of denying Java licensing royalties to Oracle, for having copied their code in the design and development of the Android operating system. It is believed the decision to deny a patent claim was the decision of Andy Rubin, the current Head of Google's Mobile Divison, according to a report by In addition, Google's Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond, dismissed the patent system as "bogus" and called for its restructuring, when talking about the ongoing patents war.

The maker of the Android software has a portfolio of about 10,000 mobile patents but finds itself under attack from rivals Microsoft, as well as Apple. The former's involvement in the patent wars dates back to when it prevailed over Motorola for a patent on scheduling meetings over mobile phones.

Apple Inc. has its own grudge against Google - probably since the time the former Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer labeled Android a "stolen product". The Cupertino-based company has several patent infringement complaints, including one relating to an option that allows users to switch apps between calls.

Meanwhile, mobile makers HTC face a court-imposed import ban for software patent violations with Apple.