By the time this article is published and read, Google Stadia will most likely be online. Those who opted to subscribe will be able to stream their games directly from the cloud and seamlessly transfer between any of the supported devices. However, prior to its commercial launch, there were some issues that might have pushed some consumers away from the service. Now that some journalists have spent some time evaluating how well it performs, the verdict seems to be a mixed bag.

For those who are wondering, Stadia is Google's cloud streaming service for games. It gives consumers the option to play some of the best-selling titles in the market. What it offers over other traditional platforms is the versatility of being able to play whatever you want on any of the supported devices. In its early stages, users can choose between a Chromecast Ultra connected to a TV, Pixel phones from the second-generation up, and via the Chrome browser.

Our launch lineup has just expanded! We now have 22 titles available to play starting November 19, with even more games arriving by the end of 2019.

— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) November 18, 2019

A review from The Verge pegs it's a decent game streaming service which still has room for improvements. After testing how well it can manage to stay playable with unpredictable connection fidelity, it was reportedly able to handle things pretty well. However, it is recommended to play with a reliable internet connection that does not go below 15 Mbps. Hence, Google currently does not recommend playing Stadia over a mobile network.

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— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) November 18, 2019

Other opinions claim that the service still lacks some of the features promised by Google when it first unveiled the Stadia. Early adopters will eventually feel like they are paying to beta test the servers. Quality-wise, while the graphics are good enough to enjoy the game, most of the early reviews claim it cannot compare to the real-time visuals directly taken from consoles and PC. Nevertheless, it is allegedly better than what other services can deliver.

See how easy it is to play Stadia on your TV with Chromecast Ultra with a simple click of a button using the Stadia App 👀

— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) November 15, 2019

Overall, the verdict appears to be on the middle ground with reviewers suggesting consumers should wait until most of the promised functionality goes live. On the other hand, it is a great option for gamers who do not want to invest in a new game system or PC anytime soon, but still want to play AAA titles. Therefore, the Stadia has the potential to grow into something even better with continued support from developers and Google.

Google Stadia pre-launch reviews from journalists
Stadia Pro subscriptions, priced at $10 a month in the US, will be available in 14 countries in North America and Europe AFP / Ina FASSBENDER