The title may prompt images affiliated with his crude personality, but Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine sees the celebrity chef on the warpath hoping to deglamourise the class A drug.

The 50-year-old television personality is ditching his kitchen whites for tonight's offering on ITV after having enough of watching the drug wreck the careers of colleagues, including a protégé who lost his life to an overdose in 2003.

Ramsay – husband to Tana and father of four – believes that cocaine use is spiralling out of control in the UK and that we now consume more than anywhere else in Europe.

To prove this, (spoiler alert), Ramsay joins a policeman in Bournemouth as he stops suspicious cars one afternoon during the working week. He collars two drivers in quick succession – who both happen to be on the school run and both test positive for cocaine.

To his horror, Ramsay also discovers widespread traces of the drug in the toilets of his own restaurants.

It turns out that not only is Britain the biggest user of cocaine in Europe, it's actually rife in the restaurant trade.

Ramsay – who is on a mission to expose the truth about the drug in the two-part documentary – will also jet to South and Central America to witness the illegal process of the cocaine production.

He will head into the deep Colombian rainforest to behold a coca farmer use cement powder, petrol and battery acid to cook his cocaine, which earns him £30 a week.

In true Ramsay style, he says: "Nobody wants to talk about it," he argues, "but they all want to f***ing snort it."

Ramsay posted this clip on Twitter ahead of the show:

The TV chef may be particularly anti-drugs since his brother Ronnie battled a heroin addiction. He claimed in 2014 that he and their mother had tried to help Ronnie for years, but feared they were fighting a losing battle.

He previously told Sunday People: "I have tried to help many times. It's hard. Every time you see him, God bless him, it reopens a wound for everybody.

"Like any addict they live for the day and each day is a challenge."

Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.