Flash season 4
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash The CW

The Flash season 3 ended with a shocking twist, leaving the fate of beloved Speedster Barry Allen uncertain as he walked into the Speed Force to save Central City.

Episode 23, titled Finish Line, was pretty quick in explaining that Iris West is actually alive. H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) used the transmogrifier to stand in for Iris, thus sacrificing himself to give Barry a happy ending.

The episode also featured the big showdown between Barry and Savitar, whose last dash effort to ensure his survival failed. Barry recruited Kid Flash, a newly freed Jay Garrick, Gypsy, Cisco, and Caitlin to stop Savitar. Later it was Iris shoots Savitar in the back before he had a chance to kill Barry.

Iris tells Barry, "All these months you were trying to save me from him. Look at that I save you." However, their victory didn't last because the Speed Force grew unstable after Jay was freed, and began to destroy Central City. In the final moments, Barry made the ultimate sacrifice and willingly surrendered himself to the Speed Force, after an emotional farewell with everyone.

This brings us to the question: Will there be no Barry Allen in The Flash season 4? Grant Gustin posted a touching tribute to all the Barry's he played in The Flash season 3 – the Speedster Barry, the future "Emo" Barry and the time remnant aka Savitar.

Alongside a photo of his all 3 Barry's version, he wrote, "Barry in 3's to end season 3. Season 3 was a crazy one for me and the rest of the cast. Everyone was given different challenges and we all did our best to meet them and give you an entertaining show. I hope you all had fun. Thanks for watching. Enjoy the finale."

Gustin is confirmed to return for The Flash season 4, which means fans might get to see him in speed-force prison. We will know for sure when the show returns in fall.