Police have confirmed that a total of 71 people are believed to have died at the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The final two bodies were recently recovered and identified by the Metropolitan Police after months of investigations.

In the middle of the night on the 14 June, hundreds were missing or displaced when a fire, which is thought to have started from a fridge, engulfed the high-rise tower block.

The initial death toll was projected to hit 80, but Scotland Yard later revised this down.

Included in the death toll was a stillborn baby, Logan Gomes, who died after the fire.

Many hundreds have remained in temporary accommodation and hotels while efforts to rehouse them continue.

Overseeing the investigation is Met police commander Stuart Cundy, who said: "The human cost and terrible reality of what took place at Grenfell Tower affects so many people. Our search operation and ongoing investigation is about those people.

"I cannot imagine the agony and uncertainty that some families and loved ones have been through whilst we have carried out our meticulous search, recovery and identification process."

An investigation into the fire is ongoing. The latest inquest into the incident revealed on 27 September that at least 18 of the victims were children.

Earlier this month, the Met said individuals and corporations involved in the disaster could face manslaughter charges.

Scotland Yard added they are also looking into four possible thefts from inside the flats, including one involving a "substantial" amount of money. People who allegedly fraudulently claimed money after the blaze are also being investigated.

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14 June 2017: Smoke rises from the 24-storey Grenfell Tower after a huge fire engulfed the block near Latimer Road, west London Leon Neal/Getty Images