Grey's Anatomy season 11
Is Derek cheating on Meredith in Grey's Anatomy season 11? ABC

Grey's Anatomy season 11 returns on Thursday, 19 March at 8pm on the ABC television network.

Episode 16 is titled, Don't Dream It's Over, where Meredith will wonder if Derek is cheating on her.

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The official synopsis reads as follows:

A patient's condition sparks a conversation between Richard and Maggie about Alzheimer's disease; April and Jackson struggle to return to their normal lives and Arizona is faced with the reality that Callie is moving on. Meanwhile, Meredith reveals her biggest fears about Derek, on Grey's Anatomy.

A promo for the new episode shows Meredith fearing that her husband Derek is cheating on her while he is away in DC.

Meredith phones Derek, who is in DC, to tell him about her new operating streak. To her surprise, a strange woman answers the call. There are various explanations as to why someone other than Derek takes the phone call, but with his history, Meredith's mistrust is understandable.

"He's done this before. Met a girl, fell in love, started over. He's not cheating on me, right?" Meredith asks Alex in the promo.

Fans will remember that Derek left his former wife Addison for Meredith. Now, Meredith feels Derek is doing the same thing he did to his ex-partner to her.

Is history repeating itself? Will Derek and Meredith get a divorce?

Watch the promo here: