The midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy witnessed a lot of drama, with Derek potentially leaving for DC without Meredith and the fate of April and Jackson's unborn child on the line.

In the upcoming episodes, there is good news for Alex and Jo's fans, as a new report suggests that the couple might take the next step in their relationship when the show returns after its winter hiatus.

Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo in the series, spoke of where she sees the couple going when the show returns from its winter break.

She told Hollywood Reporter: "They're so messy together, but every single couple on the show is and they have their issues."

Luddington continued, "They work well together and I think they're both really growing in their relationship. Even Jo being open and having this conversation where she's like, 'You know what? I am jealous and this sucks; I don't feel like I'm No. 1.' That's tough for her to have."

"You can see Alex really growing up in their relationship, too, and stepping forward and being a supportive boyfriend. I think they do have what it takes," she added.

Actor Justin Chambers, who plays Alex, replied with this sentiment:

"He really likes her a lot. Maybe we'll get to see them in more domesticated situations and the typical day-to-day relationship stuff. I think they complement each other, I really do."

The midseason finale left fans with a big question over Derek and Meredith's future.

In the last scene, Derek says, "I don't want to fight but I don't want to compromise myself, Meredith," opening the floodgates to more Washington, DC, talk.

"You know why I resent you? Because you never had my back on this. Ever since I told you I would stay. I gave up everything for you."

When Derek broke the news that the president had re-offered him the position that he previously turned down, Meredith replies, "You should take it"

Derek calls the president's assistant, without hesitation to take up the job -- all while starring angrily at Mer. The couple ended up taking separate cars home.

Will the distance break off their wedding? We will have to wait and watch.

Grey's Anatomy will return on 29 January, 2015.