The last three seasons of Grey's Anatomy saw the end of the some of the show's original characters. Mark Sloan was killed off in season 9, Cristina Yang left the show in the season 10 finale and season 11 saw the end of its favorite doctor Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy.

As the show is entering its 12th season and much of its original cast having left, fans of the medical drama want Katherine Heigl's beloved character Izzie Stevens back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

A new report in TVLine suggests why it is time for Heigl to return on the ABC show.

The article points out that the 27 Dresses star's career is at crossroads, ever since her State of Affair got cancelled.

"Admirable as her attempt at a TV comeback was, State of Affairs wasn't renewed for a second season. So does she shop for another series? Does she go back to features, perhaps eschewing rom-com leads for a while to tackle meatier supporting roles? She could easily do either. First, though, she should finish what she started at Seattle Grace Grey Sloan," the report reads.

The actress does not necessarily need to make a full-time comeback, she could guest star on the show and bring back some fond memories of her character.

Previously, Heigl herself was open to a small role in Grey's Anatomy. She said in 2012: "If they want me to return for an arc, I would love to know where Izzie is now. It's been a couple of years. I really hope she's succeeding somewhere."

Heigl had left the show, because of her differences with writer/showrunner Shonda Rhimes.

The TVLine report made it clear that Heigl's only obstacle in making a comeback was Shonda Rhimes.

"Her [Shonda Rhimes] feelings about Heigl are well-known. Yet, in spite of that, or maybe even because of it, I'm sure she'd like to finally move beyond this ugly chapter in her and her show's history. Inviting Heigl to return would afford her the opportunity to do just that," the report read.

Moreover, her return on the show would fill Derek's void and help Shonda Rhimes pacify haters who have been taking a dig at her on Twitter, ever since she killed off Patrick Dempsey's character.

Here are a few fan tweets who want to see Katherine Heigl in Greys Anatomy season 12.

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