Grey's Anatomy season 13
Meredith and Nathan Riggs will try to figure out their relationship status ABC

Grey's Anatomy season 13 is all about love and more love. Fans have already seen the spark between April and Jackson in last week's episode and now it's the turn of Meredith and Nathan Riggs or probably Meredith and Alex.

After the Andrew DeLuca assault case, Alex and Mer came much closer and this has sparked speculation of a growing romance between the BFFs. But Ellen Pompeo's character is also attracted towards Rigg's charm and there is a level of comfortless between the couple that let the doctor hide her infatuations from her sister Maggie.

The upcoming episode is set to reveal the man in Mer's life. Martin Henderson, however, is not positive about his character's proximity with Meredith. "It was a fun episode to shoot because it was the first time ... that Nathan and Meredith were actually forced together. So they're forced to communicate, and then they also find they work together quite well. ... They start to share details about their personal stories with one another," he told TV Guide. "It takes place on an airplane, so we know with airplanes on Grey's Anatomy, it doesn't always end well."

In a promo for episode 17 titled Till I Hear It From You, Mer asks Riggs to give her a reason to go on with the relationship. She says everybody she knows does not like Riggs and his jokes and she wants a serious relationship.

The love triangle between the three doctors is going strong especially after Jo and Alex's abrupt breakup which followed by the Deluca assault that nearly threw Alex behind the bars. Justin Chambers (Alex) is highly optimistic about a Marlex romance. However, he also believes that their relationship may be more of platonic.

"I think anything is possible. I think friends can become lovers like that, that's possible too," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm very comfortable with them being platonic -- like brother and sister, and friends. I think that suits them better," the 45-year-old actor said, leaving the door slightly ajar if a romance were to spark up. "But hey, who knows? Nobody knows how things go, you know? I was friends with my wife before we started dating."

Created by Shonda Rhimes, Grey's Anatomy season 13 airs every Thursday night on ABC network.