Grey’s Anatomy season 14
Grey’s Anatomy season 14 will focus on the complicated love affair between Meredith and Riggs ABC

Thank God it's Thursday as Shonda Rhimes is back with her women power starting with How To Get Away With Murder and the much awaited Grey's Anatomy season 14. The medical drama will premiere on Thursday, 28 September, at 8pm ET on ABC. Click here to watch the episode live online.

This season, the show will again shift its focus to the complicated story of Meredith and Nathan Riggs but this time it's not Maggie who will put them in a moral dilemma. Rather it's Megan, who has been presumed dead for 10 long years.

In the season 13 finale, she returned to Grey Sloan in order to reunite with brother Owen. But her return is set to bring plenty of twists in the lives of Riggs, Meredith, and Owen. "His sister's been gone [and] that's just something he wakes up and thinks about all day, every day. So to have her come back is so revitalizing for his character. It's so many emotions," Giacomo Gianniotti told TV Guide about Owen's reaction.

The show will premiere with two back-to-back episodes and will focus on the aftermath of the huge explosion that rocked the hospital in the season 13 finale. The official synopsis of episode one titled Break Down The House reads: "As Chief Bailey updates the staff on the status of the hospital and what parts of the building are unusable after the explosion, the ceiling suddenly collapses, sending dust and debris everywhere."

However, apart from the fiery explosion, a blast from the past is going to complicate Rigg's life further as his presumed-dead girlfriend returns. According to the show producer, Mer will encourage Riggs to get close to Megan. "They both had a similar experience [losing their partners], but now this experience for Nathan is not even possible for her. Derek is not coming back. She will be re-examining and figuring out what's important in her life and how she will move on emotionally," executive producer and star Debbie Allen told the website.

In a promo clip, Mer asks Nathan about how Megan is doing. "Oh, she's got a frozen abdomen. But all things considered, she's pretty OK," he replies.