It is getting clearer with every passing day that the future of Rockstar's GTA franchise lies with GTA Online and not GTA 5.

Fans of the franchise have spent millions in hours and real-world money on the game's multiplayer mode.

For a long time now, players have been requesting the developer to bring out Heists on GTA Online. To their good fortune, Rockstar recently confirmed that heists and a few other game play elements will be arriving shortly.

"We will also have more information soon for other forthcoming GTA Online content updates including the Dangerous Business Pack, Online Heists, an expansion to the Creator tool and lots more", said the developer.

Social media sites have been filled with long wish lists of the kinds of heists and DLCs that fans would like to see. Here are some of the most exciting ideas yet.

Cruise Liner Heist

Owing to the fact that GTA 5 has such a massive in-game ocean, a cruise heist would be very feasible. Players would get to use jet skies, parachutes and much more to board and take over the ship. Even engaging with the police on open waters would present an exciting combat experience.

Casino Robbery

Even though it won't be anything as tactical and subtle as what we saw in Ocean's Eleven, a casino Heist can be amazing fun. Picture blending in with the crowds over a game of Blackjack before pulling out your guns and letting all hell loose.

Zombie Survival Mode

Yes, this isn't really a heist but killing Zombies never gets boring. Imagine if Rockstar gave players an entire new arsenal of melee weapons, plus dozens of new guns and more. Players would have to salvage the remains of the city and barter food for other resources to survive the Zombie outbreak.

Prison Break

A heist where players team up to break a friend out of a prison. Since there is little rationale in fighting armies of police and prison guards, players could be required to take a more stealthy approach and free their imprisoned comrade using some effective tactics.

Jurassic Park

Imagine shooting RPG's at the neighbourhood T-rex. Players could arm themselves with everything from tanks to jets to take out dinosaurs on a remote island that promises treasure to those who can get to its center.