GTA 5 Online: Fastest Way to Become a Billionaire with Heists Missions
GTA Online Heist DLC details have been revealed on YouTube.

The internet is abuzz with news of highly-anticipated 1.16 update for GTA Online as discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has revealed the ultimate leaked gameplay information for Heist DLC.

Dom explains that he has created a mini-podcast video in partnership with fellow YouTubers iCrazyTeddy and TwoDynamic, which encompasses the gameplay elements of Heist DLC, Casino DLC as well as Zombie and Flight School DLC missions in one piece as part of their mini-series creation.

The three veteran tipsters have combined all the Heist DLC leaks heard to date, along with the leaked description for the DLC leading up to the upcoming 1.16 update for GTA 5.

Heist DLC Payout System and Gameplay Analysis

First of the lot is the leaked gameplay information about the Heist DLC payout, which is capped at $1.5m for the entire team participating in the mission. The payout reward will be split equally among the members of the team at the end of each mission.

In other words, if you have a team comprising four members, you will stand to earn $375,000-a-piece after dividing the payout among the team members.

In comparison to Rooftop Rumble, wherein you will earn about $100,000 after repeating the mission a few times, which takes around 30 minutes, the Heist DLC will actually fetch you 3.75 times more money.

The other key point is that you will stand a chance to earn more money on the first attempt of a robbery, as payouts will be reduced with every subsequent attempt of the same mission.

Player Roles and Team Analysis

The Heist DLC leaks about player roles so far suggests that they will include parachutist, sniper, hacker, hired gun, driver and a leader.

Discussing about the player roles, the tipsters also hint at the possibility of including NPCs or computer bots as part of the Heist team. This opens up an interesting selection and distribution scheme of roles among real players and NPCs.

Players will have to choose their roles carefully and take the roles which are key to their strategy or plan, and leave less important jobs to the NPCs.


The parachuter is the one who will be entrusted the job of breaching the windows or breaking the glass for a surprise attack on the designated bank or office building.


The sniper could take up a vantage point on top of a remote building and provide cover fire while also taking out the guards.


The leader will be assigned the task of forming the team and formulating the attack and exit strategies for the mission.

Also, to be on the safer side, the boss must have a plan B in case the team bails out at the last moment to avoid capture or arrest.


The hacker will be destined with the task of disabling security systems and alarms. In addition, he may have to hack the password to unlock the bank vault or decrypt a code for easier access to the vault.


The driver is assigned the task of driving his team to the designated location as well as taking them to a safe location after accomplishing the Heist mission.

His role is to avoid being shot by pursuing cops and evading their pursuit until a safe house is found or the cops are lost.

Hired Gun

Anybody good at spamming the trigger who has the eye of an eagle would be ideal for this job, as he is likely to wield the powerful Chain Gun to obliterate any police resistance during an escape.

Multiplayer Heist Missions

Players can also enjoy various grades of medals such as Gold, Bronze and Silver based on their kill statistics and other accomplishments during the multiplayer Heist missions.

Heist DLC Release Date

The highly-anticipated Heist DLC will probably be released on 12 August or 19 August, according to the tipsters and the leaked information obtained so far.