Making money has never been easy for new players of GTA 5. The first few hours have often been called as the toughest. Here are five tips to rake in money.

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Make the ATM your second home

This is one of the easiest ways of making money early in the game. Stick around ATMs and wait for some poor soul to walk up to a machine and withdraw some cash. These people have quite a bit of cash in their pockets. Take them out quickly and leave quietly the area before the cops get there. An easy tip if you're short of a few hundred dollars short for that fancy grenade launcher.

Visit the corner store

Robbing convenience stores allows for some easy money. Players are advised to familiarise themselves with a few stores, pick out their favourites and cycle through them repeatedly to rake up substantial bank balances.

Park your car outside the store such that you can make a quick getaway. Also find hiding spots around the store so that you can stick around there until the heat dies down.

Also worth noting is that store employees won't really hand out money to you. In most cases, you're going to have to shoot the registers open to take the money inside.

And in many cases, repeating the same store over and over will cause the store's management to arm their clerk with guns.

Investing in companies

Upon completing a mission called as Legal Trouble, the share value of Fly Us will drop heavily. This is your cue to invest as much as you can into these shares. Right after you complete a mission called as Meltdown, you can reap the harvest of your investment since the share value will shoot up again, allowing you to earn double your principle.

Spend on Weapons and not cars

Yes, cars are wonderful to buy and customise. However, they're also very expensive and best avoided during the initial part of the game.

Players will be better of using stolen cars for transportation instead of splurging on exotic vehicles.

Instead of spending on automobiles, players should invest on good weapons, since they will allow for the completion of missions with greater ease.

Tricks with weapon purchases

Upon completing all Gun Range challenges, players will receive a 15% discount on all purchases at Ammu-Nation stores. Interested in greater discounts? Then ensure that you get gold for all challenges. This will result in a 25% discount on all purchases.

Apart from this, there is a neat trick that you can use to get all your money back on weapons purchases. The trick requires players to visit an Ammu-Nation store duing a mission and purchase a weapon and all relevant upgrades. Once this step is completed, players must then kill themselves, thereby causing the mission to fail.

This step will give players all their money back. When you visit the Ammu-Nation again, the upgrades on the weapon will still be marked as purchased.

To make sure that this step works properly, press the following buttons during the mission's fail screen. Press "retry" (A, X). Please avoid pressing "exit" (B, O) or you will not get your money back.