GTA 5 DLC: Custom Apartments Creator Coming to GTA Online
GTA 5 DLC: Custom Apartments Creator Coming to GTA Online

Discerning GTA 5 tipster, MrJamesGeary, has shed some light on the possibility of Custom Apartments Creator coming to GTA Online as part of the upcoming spring updates.

Restless gamers around the world have been yearning for more content updates including High-Life DLC and Heists DLC for GTA Online and Rockstar has promptly acknowledged its fan wishlist by confirming the release of these DLCs in May and June respectively.

With several GTA 5 gamers complaining of identical apartments and proposing the need for fine details with customisation capability for apartments, Rockstar appears dedicated to its loyal fans as the High-Life DLC is officially confirmed for release in May.

GTA 5 for PC release looks imminent, as the growing petition at Change.Org has surpassed 700,000 signatures and the campaign seems largely successful, while Rockstar is yet to take a decision on releasing its top-selling game for PC as well as Xbox One and PS4 gaming platforms.

As the tipster notes, the low-end, mid-range and high-end apartments are all looking the same in GTA Online which is the primary concern of discerning GTA 5 gamers, as they yearn for more visually appealing apartments with considerable benefits based on the grade of apartment (budget or mid-range or luxurious).

Meanwhile, some key information about the Custom Apartment Creator has surfaced online through leaked game files (see the screenshot in video) pertaining to the highly-anticipated High-Life DLC or Apartment DLC.

According to the leaked screenshot in the video, the custom apartment creator permits the user to add gameworld objects such as chair, couch, bed and table, besides choosing their favourite colours for each of these objects in GTA 5 Online.

The leaked game code also suggests that one can rearrange these gameworld objects and then save the work or exit. This will let gamers to be creative and enjoy their high-value apartments the way they desire, rather than stick to dull and boring pre-defined furniture and set pieces within the apartment.

On the downside, the apartments do not support storing guns and ammunition as is the case with existing garages. However, you now have the ability to run inside the apartment as Rockstar has fixed this glitch.

The Custom Apartment Creator could actually blend in with the ability to own two apartments or houses at the same time with the release of High-Life DLC.

Though the houses you own may look similar in their base configuration, the custom apartment creator enables you to change the looks and features of your apartment. This is an interesting value addition to GTA Online.