Rockstar has just announced four new Verified Jobs for GTA 5 Online via #CaptureWeekend selections including Contend: Corrupt Cops, GTA: That's My Rhino, GTA: Payback Time and Contend: Adventure Team.

The game developer has selected the best of the lot from a series of Capture Job creations submitted by fans, following its release of Capture Creator Update for GTA Online.

The chosen creators will each receive an in-game cash award worth GTA$1m along with an exclusive in-game CAPTURE licence plate and a chance to participate in future Rockstar Games live stream broadcast involving play through and discussions about content creation.

According to Rockstar Newswire, here are the four new Rockstar Verified Jobs that will be playable across both Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms:

Contend: Corrupt Cops

Contend: Corrupt Cops puts you in a race across the banks of Procopio Beach in Paleto Bay as you take on the Ballas gang. Your primary objective is to beat the rival police division in your bid to confiscate goods from the Ballas gang as evidence.

Just beware of the purple-clad gangsters wielding razor-sharp knives, as you try to mow them down with your vehicle jumps off the ramps while you collect bags in this mission. Don't take the risk of stopping by for a glimpse of the scenic beauty as Ballas will quickly make you forget your life with their deadly blades.

GTA: That's My Rhino

Two rival groups of pilots flying P-996 Lazers will face off over the Alamo Sea in their hot pursuit of a Rhino Tank, which is well-guarded by a group of mercenaries armed with anti-aircraft weapons.

You can pursue the Tank either by flying your plane from Grapeseed in the North or via Grand Senora Desert in the south.

GTA: Payback Time

Payback Time puts you through a head-to-head bloodbath with AI characters that are guarding the waterways of the Vespucci Canals filled with bounties. Be prepared for surprise ambush from rival gangs as you pedal your BMX to the location and try securing one of your prized vehicles from your enemy.

Contend: Adventure Team

True to its name, this Capture job offers a wide array of vehicle options to choose from, as you prepare for the epic relay to the top of Mt. Chiliad. On your way back, you need to make a quick jump with a parachute to get down quickly to the Capture point.

Alternatively, you may employ a Maverick helicopter for effortless return trips from the top of Mt Chiliad. However, the freefall jump from the mountain is the fastest way down as reported by the game developer.

Meanwhile, Rockstar has acknowledged that it is currently investigating the issue with the unavailability of game services such as accessing jobs in GTA online and errors related to Social Club site.

One of the most common error messages that a GTA Online user might encounter reads as follows: "The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Please try again later."

Rockstar has assured its loyal fans that the GTA Online Support page will be periodically updated with latest developments and fixes for the ensuing issues with GTA Online game services.

Here is what Rockstar stated in the comment section of Newswire website:

"We are currently investigating issues with players receiving "The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Please try again later." messages when accessing jobs in GTA Online, as well as errors on the Social Club site.

"Please stay tuned to our GTA Online Support page for the latest status updates at:"