GTA 5 gamers are getting restless as Rockstar is apparently delaying the release of the 1.13 update, following the announcement of High-Life DLC and Heists DLC as part of the spring updates.

The 1.13 update was earlier tipped to launch before the end of April, but that did not materialise as Rockstar was busy patching up numerous bugs and exploits including the Capture Creator bug or Freeze Money exploit in GTA Online.

An insider recently tipped Product Reviews that the 1.13 update did not release on time owing to complications involving game-breaking glitches and it is being pushed to May.

Speculation is rife that the release date for 1.13 update falls within the existing update pattern by Rockstar.

The pattern of release dates for previous GTA 5 updates is as follows: Patch 1.08 on 17/18 December, 1.09 on 11 January, 1.10 on 13 February, 1.11 on 4 March, and finally 1.12 on 8 April, according to a recent report by Product Reviews.

The report suggests that the next title update is likely to arrive in the next two weeks and not in April, as it was speculated earlier.

Furthermore, it is expected that the High-Life DLC will be part of the 1.13 update, while the Heists DLC would be pushed back to the end of spring as part of the upcoming 1.14 patch.

In other words, it means you will not get to see the Heists DLC for GTA Online until the second half of June, which is precisely within Rockstar's spring deadline.

GTA 5 gamers around the globe have shown mixed reactions to the unexpected delay in the release of the 1.13 update for GTA Online.

Some discerning GTA 5 gamers seem to be restless and anxious to know about the release date for the High-Life and Heists DLCs, while others are reportedly relaxed and calm about the impending release.

One such discerning reader of Product Reviews has tipped about the release date pattern for GTA 5 updates:

"I took a look at the past few patches and everything looks on time, I know some people wanted GTA 5 1.13 sooner but the update should release in early May if previous updates are anything to go by. I did notice earlier updates from last year coming quicker, but for the last 3-4 months there's been around a one month gap between updates."

Let us know what you feel about the impending release of 1.13 update. Will it feature High-Life DLC or Heists DLC or both? Please leave your comments below.

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