GTA 5 DLC: Release Date Details for 1.13 Patch, High-Life and Heists DLCs Revealed
GTA 5 DLC: Release Date Details for 1.13 Patch, High-Life and Heists DLCs Revealed

Rockstar Games is yet to disclose any release date details of the highly-anticipated 1.13 Patch, High-Life DLC (new bunch of apartments and garages) or the most awaited Heists DLC, while discerning GTA 5 gamers and tipsters have been hunting for clues about the possible release date for the upcoming spring updates.

One such discerning GTA 5 tipster, Granty, has posted a YouTube video detailing the possible release date options that Rockstar could consider while rolling out its next title update for GTA Online, which is based on the theory of past update release patterns for the game.

According to the tipster, Rockstar holds a consistent track record of releasing its biggest game updates such as Business DLC, Christmas DLC and the others on Tuesdays or on public holidays when children are off school and have enough spare time to invest on the latest DLCs.

Invariably more participation means more revenues for the game developer. Hence Rockstar is expected to release the next DLC update or 1.13 Patch on 22 April which is a couple of days after the Easter holiday (20 April).

Besides, 22 April also happens to be a Tuesday, which is Rockstar's favourite day for big game title update and DLC releases.

This theory also supports the fact that the game developer has recently been busy patching up exploits and glitches in GTA 5 as was the case with 1.12 update. In other words, it means the Heists DLC release is closer than ever with all the redundant bugs being patched up in GTA Online.

The 1.13 update is likely to feature both the Heists DLC and the High-Life DLC together, as more garages and apartments will only bolster the success of heists missions given the need to store more cars and conversely the potential to earn tons of money for buying new apartments by playing Heist missions.

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