Rockstar is yet to announce the release date for the highly-anticipated GTA 5 Heists DLC for online mode, while restless gamers are finding new ways to play heists early in the game.

A discerning GTA 5 tipster, Granty, has posted a YouTube video detailing the complete tutorial to play heists using simulator in GTA Online.

According to its description, the video depicts a capture game mode in GTA 5, which also doubles up as a Heist mission simulator, and thereby giving you a first-hand experience of what the forthcoming Heists DLC would look like.

In addition, the tipster has posted an invite to prospective GTA 5 online gamers who are looking for free Shark cards through Giveaway offers.

How to Earn Free Shark Cards

Here is what you should do to win the Shark cards for free:

1) LIKE this Video
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3) Comment your GT/PSN below the video at this link:
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Apart from enjoying freebies, you get to lay your hands on the Heists simulator by joining his invite at the following links:

How to Play GTA 5 Online Heists Using Simulator

If you are eager to know how to play heists via Simulator in GTA Online, here is how you do it:

  • Go to the link in the description (see the invite links for PS3 and Xbox 360) provided above through your console.
  • Add the link to your game and then go to Start > Online > Post Jobs and then go to Bookmarks and choose Capture > Bank Heist.
  • It is basically the bank heist simulated in the Capture update with two to four teams.
  • Customise your weapons, cars, character appearance and other items you wish to carry in your inventory.
  • Once done, just drive your car to the bank location on the map. Your main objective is to collect as many cash bags as you can and take them back to your base on the map which is similar to all heist missions in GTA 5.
  • After you have acquired the bag, just drive back to your base and park the car in the blue briefcase icon marker at the destination point. You will earn about $11200 cash and 3600RP for achieving this feat, along with some Job Points (JP).