Rockstar Games recently rolled out the 1.12 patch for GTA 5 Online with a handful of fixes for unlimited money glitch, unlimited RP glitch and other inherent bugs that are repeatedly being exploited by gamers to gain undue advantage over their rivals.

Nevertheless, discerning GTA 5 gamers have unearthed new ways of making unlimited money, duplicating stolen super cars and cheating online. One such discerning gamer, iJordanb1409, has revealed a new single-player to multiplayer car transfer glitch after 1.12 title update.

Here is how you do it:

  • Set your spawn location from the last location in GTA Online by going to Online options > Spawn Location.
  • Now back out of GTA Online.
  • To bring single player vehicle to multiplayer mode, just start the game in single player mode by choosing any of your random in-game characters. To do so, hold down the D-pad and select one of the single player characters: Michael, Trevor or Franklin. You will now enter into a cutscene as usual.
  • Once the cutscene is finished, hold down the D-pad once again and switch to your GTA Online character.
  • After the GTA Online session loads up, find a car or any four-wheeler nearby to your spawn location and drive it back to your apartment. Park the vehicle exactly at the same place where you had parked one of your super cars in single-player mode.
  • Now go to Xbox Game Store and press 'Y' or Yes to confirm access. This will automatically save your game progress.
  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi at this moment or remove the ethernet cable connected to your console.
  • Now sign out of Xbox LIVE and you will reenter into single-player mode. Now pause the game and choose Game > Load Game > 'The Final Frontier'.
  • People who have signed out will be in the prologue and will have to repeat the same process once the prologue loads up: pause game > load game > choose the modded saved game.
  • Let the game load up and once you are back into the modded saved game, you might see a message that some part of DLC content is missing.
  • However, this error message is part of the glitch and confirms that the glitch is actually working. Go inside your garage and get into a modded vehicle that you want to transfer from single player to multiplayer mode.
  • For instance, you may drive your Buffalo out and park it exactly at the location where your GTA Online character was standing in the earlier session.
  • Now, once again hit pause game. Log back or connect to Xbox LIVE and choose online > Play GTA Online and press Go.
  • You may see the DLC content missing error message once again. So, go to Compatibility Packs > Xbox Stores > select Business update > click confirm purchase. You will see Business update under Active Downloads and it will disappear saying that the update is already installed.
  • Then press 'B' to start a new GTA Online session.
  • Walk back to the location where you parked your Buffalo in single-player mode. It will be right there. But, you cannot take a stolen car inside your garage in GTA Online, as hot storing a stolen super car is disabled in 1.12 patch.
  • So, take the car to one of your friends' garages and repeat the car duplication glitch. This will help you store a duplicated super car in your garage in GTA Online.

For further assistance, check out the video tutorial below: