The internet is abuzz with news of a DLC wishlist for GTA 5, as discerning gamers and tipsters are churning out new ideas for the game via forums and YouTube.

One such discerning tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has shed some light on the top priority wishlist after garnering feedback and responses from avid fans of GTA 5.

BMX and Tricks DLC

Rockstar is expected to add more tricks like tailwhips, barspins, whiplash and more to the upcoming DLC for GTA 5, as veteran stunt masters in GTA 5 opine about the most-anticipated changes in DLC releases.

Dildo DLC

Next up in the list is the famed Dildo DLC which has hogged the limelight ever since the early days of GTA: San Andreas where discerning players enjoyed the experience with dildos and sex toys in Grand Theft Auto.

The tipster admits (laughs) about missing the Dildo gameplay entirely from GTA: San Andreas and just hopes for a chance in the future.

Custom Mansions and Crew Colour Wallpaper DLC

Another gamer wishes to have custom mansions and crew colour wallpaper DLC in the game, while Dom admits that he would prefer a green or red coloured crew wallpaper in GTA Online.

In addition, gamers wish that custom mansions DLC should include the ability to add furniture, electronic equipment and other decorative materials to the interiors of the house.

Futuristic Cars, More Payouts and Special Weapons

Some gamers with wishful thinking have been demanding more activities in GTA Online, besides the introduction of modern cars and more payouts for Heist missions, as well as special weapons like the Rail Gun.

Cheaper cars with support for extreme modding are also on the wishlist.

Mansions, Dogs, Animals and Climate DLC

Along the lines of earlier wishlists, avid gamers are also craving for the ability to train pets and manually change the time of day (day time / night time) or weather conditions in GTA 5.

Crew Colour Guns, More Crew Members and More Friend Slots

Rockstar Social Club enhancements including crew coloured guns, support for more crew members and friend slots are also on the most-sought after wishlist of GTA 5 fans.

Throwback DLC with Classic GTA Vehicles and Weapons

Old School voodoo and a bunch of lowrider vehicles in San Andreas along with melee weapons such as the machete would be a great addition to GTA 5 with upcoming DLC releases.

Zombie DLC

Gamers are also expecting a Zombie DLC at Travis County with the city cordoned off using barriers from the Zombie-infected areas.


A Sea DLC with more boats and yachts with the ability to live on islands and/or cruise ship are also on the cards for upcoming DLC releases.