GTA 5 Glitches: Secret Locations Part 2 - Space Docker Shed and Humane Labs Gameplay
GTA 5 Glitches: Secret Locations Part 2 - Space Docker Shed and Humane Labs Gameplay Rockstar Games

Discerning YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has posted the second instalment of secret locations gameplay video pertaining to Space Docker Shed and Humane Labs, following his first creation involving secret access to Trevor's Torture Room, the Police Station and Michael's House.

In the second part (part 2) of his secret locations gameplay video, Dom reveals some smart tricks to access Lester's House, Humane Labs and Space Docker Shed.

The YouTuber clarifies in his latest video that the older method to access these secret locations has already been patched by Rockstar.

Consequently, Dom has discovered a new method to accomplish this task wherein you can get inside these buildings using inherent game bugs or glitches in GTA 5.

Here is a breakdown of steps to access each of these secret locations in GTA 5:

Space Docker Shed

First on the list is Space Docker Shed and you can get there by following a few simple steps:

  • Get to the location shown in the mini-map (see video), climb over the white fencing and then jump on the white chair just outside the entrance.
  • Now jump up to grab the roof rail and climb on top of the trailer.
  • Note: As in the previous glitch or part 1 of secret locations gameplay video, you need to ensure that your character is low on money or bank balance by transferring excess money to the bank account of the second playable character in the game.
  • Walk towards the blue plastic sheet spread on top of the roof and stand right on its centre.
  • Now pull out your in-game phone, log on to the internet and open the website, legendary motorsport.
  • Try purchasing an Adder after selecting it from the list and clicking on Order button.
  • At this moment, you will be redirected to Xbox or PlayStation store.
  • Once you are inside the play store, just log out or exit from there.
  • Now you will respawn inside the Space Docker Shed wherein you will see a bunch of objects glowing on the wooden shelf placed to one side of the room.

Humane Labs

Next up in the list is the Humane Labs which is accessible from the mini-map location shown in the video. Here is how you get inside the building:

  • Just get to the location which is ear-marked on the in-game mini-map.
  • Now run to the corner and climb over the wall and then stand beside the three blue pipes.
  • Repeat the rest of the steps to purchase Adder and exit the play store. This way you can replicate the glitch to unlock the Humane Labs' secret location.

Lester's House

The third location in the secret locations gameplay video includes the Lester's house glitch wherein you need to reach the location shown on the mini-map in the game.

Here is how you access the secret location to Lester's House:

  • Get to the location on the mini-map (see video) and go to the left side of Lester's house where you can grip the A/C vent.
  • Now climb up to reach the roof and stand on the back portion of Lester's house.
  • Repeat the rest of the steps to purchase Adder, logging into the legendary motorsport website and then exiting the play store to replicate the glitch to unlock the secret access to Lester's house.
  • Note: Lester's house includes a bunch of interesting Easter-eggs which you might want to check out when you get there. Spend at least ten minutes of game time to enjoy all these Easter eggs in one shot.