GTA 5 Online QnA: Possibility of Heist DLC Release Before Next Gen
GTA 5 Online QnA: Possibility of Heist DLC Release Before Next Gen

The GTA community is abuzz with news concerning the possibility of Heist DLC releasing ahead of GTA 5 next-gen launch in November, as renowned YouTube tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), reveals some interesting titbits regarding the same.

In his latest QnA video, Dom has answered the possibility of Rockstar releasing Heist DLC ahead of GTA 5 next-gen in response to his fan query.

With Rockstar recently rolling out the Last Team Standing (LTS) update for GTA 5, it is widely-speculated that the game developer might actually link the LTS update with the upcoming Heist DLC as rumoured earlier.

On the contrary, it was also being speculated that the LTS update could be holding a backdoor for the entry of Heist DLC as we received a bunch of new features including armour, gloves and all kinds of tactical gear with the LTS update.

With GTA 5 next-gen release date (18 November) for Xbox One and PS4 getting closer, we are barely a month away from the highly-anticipated launch of GTA 5 remastered edition.

Besides, there is a great chance that Rockstar could unleash the Halloween update on the occasion of Halloween's Day on or before 31 October and this might push back the Heist DLC further into November.

The tipster further explains that the Heist DLC is unlikely to release on 4 November as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is scheduled for a worldwide release on 4 November and this could hit Rockstar's plans of attracting gamers to engage with the best GTA Online DLC to date.

This leaves us with a possible Heist release on 11 November. However, Dom ascertains that an Army DLC is due for release on the Veteran's Day or 11 November and hence it is unlikely that we will get a chance to see Heists on this day.

The next possible release date for Heist DLC falls on 18 November, which is the same day GTA 5 remastered edition is expected to be released on next-gen consoles.

Among all possible options, the tipster chooses 18 November as the most favourable release date for Heist DLC, given Rockstar's history of releasing big DLCs, following re-release versions of its top games.