GTA 5 Online: Players Report Freezing Issues with 1.12 Patch, Potential Fix Revealed

Rockstar Games recently rolled out the 1.12 title update (patch) for GTA 5 Online to fix several inherent glitches and bugs that discerning gamers have been exploiting to gain undue advantage over their rivals.

Though the 1.12 patch lived up to its promise of fixing up a handful of glitches including unlimited money, unlimited RP and other inherent bugs, it has reportedly resulted in random freezing issues with GTA Online.

The crashing problems have been reported on both PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms while playing GTA 5 in online mode, as several players have complained of random system lock-ups after installing the 1.12 update on their consoles.

Some discerning gamers have figured out a way to fix this issue by clearing up the system cache from the hard disk drive of the PS3 and Xbox 360, according to Gamepur.

Tip: Sony PS3 users can erase the system cache via XMB menu, while the Xbox 360 gamers should do it via the console's Dashboard.

The 1.12 update brings several new features such as creating capture jobs, besides calling up Lester to get rid of your wanted level and evade the cops. In addition, one can turn the camera grid off.

Despite the positive points, the title update has introduced a new bug leading to widespread freezing issues on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that may likely be addressed in the upcoming 1.13 update from Rockstar.

Rockstar is expected to introduce a host of goodies in its forthcoming updates for GTA Online including cooperative heist missions, a new expansion pack for story mode called "High-Life DLC" and several more single-player DLCs focused on Franklin, Michael and Trevor coming later this spring season.

Check out the 1.12 title update's full changelog at the Rockstar Support site.