GTA 5 Online: Tipsters Reveal High-Life Apartment DLC Details, Helicopter Rappelling Trick

Rockstar Games recently announced the release of spring updates for GTA Online with a potential list of DLC content including heists and High-Life apartment DLC.

Meanwhile, a discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive, has posted the pictures of prospective apartments in a YouTube video that are likely to feature in the forthcoming High-Life DLC for GTA Online.

DomisLive also reveals that the description of the apartment pictures has been posted on the GTA 5 forums online for your reference.

Check out the complete list of possible High-Life apartment locations and their description for the upcoming GTA 5 story mode DLC below:

  • First of the lot is a high rise luxurious apartment building called "The Yacht Club" with palm trees and lush green grass surrounding it. Another picture of the same apartment shows two garages, one exits through the basement of South Tower and the other from the North.
  • Next picture shows the Cell Tower, which is not as luxurious as The Yacht Club. But, still looks imposing enough to catch your attention with its front door facing the corner of San Andreas and Vespucci Boulevard.
  • Then we move onto the CNT building (not as luxurious as the first one). It is located right across the street from the casino. The CNT building also houses a few vendor machines to snack up and chill with some soft drinks, besides housing a couple of garages facing the road on the other side.
  • One cannot miss the Costello apartment also nicknamed as 'The Apartment of Doom' for some strange reason, with a garage at the basement and lush green garden around the building.
  • There is an Augury Insurance building with well-lit industrial complex and a garage to its left-hand side.
  • Slaughter Industrial building with an ATM right in the front of apartment complex, an escalator and its garage to the other side of San Angeries Avenue.
  • Slogenberg Apartment located right next to the Cliff Towers with a probable dorm-aid.
  • The Von Crastenburg Richman hotel with Dorset doors and fancy backdoors.

Another tipster ST3VEoGaming has revealed a simple trick to rappel from helicopter in a YouTube video. Here is how you do it:

  • Call the helicopter from Merryweather, using your in-game phone.
  • Tip: You need to unlock the Merryweather contact through unlocking the mission Ammunition Drop.
  • Unlock the helicopter pickup using your sniper scope.
  • Wait until it lands and get into the helicopter.
  • Allow the helicopter to hover over the top of a high-rise building.
  • Let the helicopter hover around for a while and once it is in the right position, you will receive a prompt to rappel Hold X (Xbox 360) and Square (PS3).
  • Keep a safe distance from the building and then rappel down the rope.