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GTA 5 Mods: CJ From GTA San Andreas vs CJ From GTA 5 – Art Work in HD Rockstar Games

Renowned tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has revealed some amazing art work in HD depicting CJ aka Carl Johnson in GTA 5.

The art work is a creative contribution from an avid fan of GTA, Alec Courtney (a computer games character artist), and Dom compliments him for a job well done in his YouTube video.

As the tipster explains, the art work in HD reveals the sketch of a 45-year-old CJ wherein he looks a bit puffy and not as skinny as in the previous edition, GTA: San Andreas.

The change in his looks reflects the transition between the 1992's San Andreas (CJ was then aged 24 years old) and 2013's GTA 5 game world.

The next image depicts CJ in a white T-shirt and a half-track pant and the third image compares the two versions of CJ as seen in San Andreas vs GTA 5.

One can notice fine texture details in the GTA 5 version as opposed to GTA SA, owing to improved graphics technology over 20 years. As Dom notes, it is a transition from PS2 to PC version of graphics technology.

The tipster concludes that Rockstar could actually provide better character customisation capability in GTA 5 and make use of its superior graphics technology in the game.

Would you prefer to see a 24-year old or an aged 45-year old CJ in GTA 5? Please leave your comments below.