GTA 5 Online: Patch 1.16 Wishlist - New Houses, Heist, Mansions, Casino, Pets and More
GTA Online: Patch 1.16 Wishlist – New Houses, Heist, Mansions, Casino, Pets and More. Rockstar Games

Rockstar is yet to announce the highly anticipated 1.16 patch for GTA Online, while discerning gamers have been churning out numerous wishlists that are full of new ideas for the upcoming title update to GTA 5.

A few renowned GTA 5 tipsters have posted a consolidated wishlist for Patch 1.16 in their latest YouTube videos including new houses, heist, mansions, casino, theatre mode, pets, stock market, ability to sell apartments and more.

One tipster, TrippyGlitcherHD, walks us through his own tiny wishlist that is merged along with those from avid fans of GTA 5.

North Yankton DLC

Certain parts of North Yankton have been accessible to the gamer ever since the release of GTA 5 on current-gen consoles in the form of in-game glitches and user-created mods.

Military-Style Items and Clothing

The military-style clothing and accessories like jackets and uniforms would not make much of a difference to gameplay experience in GTA 5.

However, the addition of jet pack, military-grade bullet-proof jackets, trip mines and explosives or dynamites to the player's inventory could be the real game changer.

More Helicopters and New Jet Planes

A faster two-seater jet with advanced weapons technology and helicopters such as the buzzard attack helicopter would surely enhance the gameplay experience with airborne warfare.

Mansions and Unlimited Houses

The forthcoming 1.16 update should allow players to choose and customise any house, besides giving access to swimsuits and the ability to live on massive cruise boats in GTA Online.

Customising the interiors of the house with newly purchased furniture, decorative lamps and electronic equipments are a few among the most-common wishes made by GTA 5 fans.

Crew Coloured Rims for Cars

Crew coloured rims for cars would take the customisation feature in GTA Online to the next level as they are not yet available through mods in the game.

Heist Update

The long rumoured Heist update is overdue for GTA 5, as Rockstar seems to have indefinitely delayed its release date announcement for some reason.

The latest speculation about Heist DLC suggests it may come out in Fall, following the release of GTA 5 re-mastered edition.

Night Clubs or Strip Clubs and Comedy Clubs

Speculation is rife that night clubs, or strip clubs and comedy clubs, could bring more entertainment value to discerning gamers, besides the opportunity to gain reputation points (RP) by participating in the club events like dancing or enacting a comedy play.

Go Karts

Go-karting could be a real fun activity, especially if you could kick off a leisurely race with your friends online and also make some quick bucks in circuit races.

In addition, driving upgrades for the go-karts could be of real value add for the hardcore fans of circuit racing in GTA Online.

Workouts and Building Muscles

Ability to work out in a gym or beach to gain muscles would be a refreshing addition to the routine chores of life in GTA 5.

Hunting Deers and Sharks Online

With Rockstar proposing to introduce more graphic details and wildlife in the upcoming re-mastered edition of GTA 5, it is only befitting for avid gamers to expect hunting missions with deers and sharks using hunting rifles and harpoons in GTA Online.

In related news, another discerning tipster, iPREDiTOHD, has revealed a bunch of most-anticipated items for the patch 1.16 wishlist including theatre mode, pets, stock market, casino, ability to sell apartments and more.

Theatre Mode

Gamers should be able to record their favourite moments in GTA Online in real-time, using the inbuilt video recorder via a theatre mode.

Besides, you could watch the recorded clippings on the TV available inside your apartments.

Mini-Games and Extra Activities

The ability to play mini-games on your in-game TV and participate in activities such as swimming and marathon could be a boost for sports-loving gamers.

Casino, Discos and Night Clubs

Casino DLC and Night Club or Strip Club DLCs have for long been rumoured to be part of the upcoming 1.16 update for GTA Online, as leaked game source code files have often pointed to mini-game references such as poker and roulette, and location references to strip clubs in GTA Online.

This one is definitely on the gamers' top priority wishlist.

Ability to Train Pets and Sell Apartments

Ability to train pets along the lines of Franklin's Chop with the use of an app in GTA 5 story mode would enhance the interactive elements within the apartments and thereby provide the replay value to gamers who have already finished both story mode and online missions.

Some other interesting gameplay elements like storing more food and drinks in apartments would make you fat or obese. On the contrary, regular exercising and running would make you slimmer, healthier and give you more stamina boost.

It would be great to have the ability to sell apartments at user-quoted price wherein you could sell your property at a cheaper price to a friend or sell expensive when in dire need of money.

Besides, we would like to see the ability to sell cars and properties to NPCs and private estate dealers in the game.

Stock Market in GTA Online

The story mode version of stock market could be enhanced for online gameplay as stock markets are an easy way to make money through investments.

In addition, the stock market should be influenced by in-game mission consequences and player actions in the game.

This would allow any player to purchase any stock at a cheaper price and then sell it for an expensive price by altering the outcome of a mission or causing mayhem with the business of a company through violence, sabotage and other kinds of destruction.