GTA 5: New Infinite Money Exploit Unearthed in 1.08 Patch [VIDEO]
New infinite money glitch in 1.08 Patch allows players to earn billion in-game cash for each robbery

GTA 5 Online has hogged the limelight for its abundance of glitches that surface after every new bug-fix update from Rockstar Games. Rockstar had recently released the 1.08 patch for GTA 5 to fix a number of bugs and exploits including the infinite money glitch.

According to Product Reviews, a discerning GTA 5 player has unearthed yet another infinite money glitch through modding the multiplayer mode of GTA 5 that allows him to earn $2bn of in-game currency for each robbery committed. Any GTA 5 player who visits the modified lobby created by the exploiter is entitled to receive 10% of his illegitimate in-game cash as gift.

If you are a sceptic, check out the YouTube video below:

The other infinite money glitch which was discovered in 1.07 title update has now been patched. It allowed gamers to make unlimited cash by duplicating vehicles and reselling them any number of times at Los Santos customs shop.

The creator of new infinite money glitch has reassured fellow online players that they do not risk a ban for blindly accepting surplus in-game cash from him. He further claims that only his specific account would risk a ban, while he has access to more than one account to fall back upon.

In related news, Rockstar has already begun a cleansing drive by issuing bans on defaulters and exploiters who are repeatedly violating the game restrictions and indulging in illegitimate practices to get super-rich in no time. As the Examiner notes, players who are unwillingly involved with illegitimate practices like accepting surplus in-game currency from another player will not be punished.

The 1.08 patch not only addressed the bugs and exploits in 1.07 title update, but also introduced the classic Capture the Flag mode with 20 new jobs for GTA 5 Online. The Capture mode allows players to fiddle with four different types of multiplayer match including Raid, Hold, GTA and Contend.

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