GTA 5: New Unlimited RP Glitch Revealed in 1.08 Patch [VIDEO]
Earn unlimited Ranking Points (RP) using a glitch in Lester mission after 1.08 patch

Rockstar recently patched up several exploits in GTA 5 Online including the notorious infinite money glitch with the release of 1.08 update. However, discerning GTA 5 gamers unearthed a new method of acquiring and distributing illegitimate in-game cash via modified custom lobbies.

Though the custom lobby hack has been patched up with Rockstar's newly released hot-fix patch, discerning gamers have unearthed yet another unlimited RP glitch through the "High Priority Case" mission from Lester. The mission tasks you with stealing a briefcase, while evading the cops.

Interested gamers can quickly rank up or level up in four simple steps by using the Reputation Points or Rank Points (RP) glitch in 1.08 patch, as follows:

  1. Call up Lester until you acquire the mission: "High Priority Case".
  2. Call in a helicopter to aid you in the mission
  3. Kill all enemies on the rooftop at the designated location using your attack helicopter. Evade or defeat the guard helicopter after stealing the briefcase.
  4. Head over to the marked delivery destination on the map without landing your helicopter to earn RP. Rinse and repeat the process to earn infinite RP in no time.

Earlier, the custom lobbies not only allowed hackers to gift surplus cash to fellow players, but also prevented prospective gamers from purchasing in-game currency from Rockstar Games. This created an economy imbalance in GTA Online which has forced several dedicated players to complain about unfair gameplay on GTA forums.

Consequently, Rockstar has initiated a cleansing drive by banning repeat exploiters and defaulters without notice. In addition, the game developer has introduced a new hot-fix patch to kill the custom lobby infinite money glitch as well as patch up unlimited RP glitch in the game.

Nevertheless, there still seems to be one RP glitch left unaffected following the 1.08 patch and hot-fix update by Rockstar. Interested gamers can check out the YouTube video below for further assistance, courtesy GamingUnityTV: