GTA 5 is setting a trend when it comes to in-game glitches. With each update, Rockstar manages to patch numerous glitches, but players find new ones instantaneously, making the fixes almost redundant.

The game's developer rolled out the High Life update or title update 1.13 only two days ago and gamers have already managed to find working glitches to make illegal in-game money. Given below are some of the most popular money glitches that gamers have been exploring over the last 48 hours.

The first glitch on the list comes from YouTuber 'Embracing Time' and it requires two players to execute. Players are requested to call Pegasus, get the vehicle 'Journey' delivered, which will then be used to block the path.

You then require your friend to get into the car that you'd like to use in the glitch. Most of the other steps follow the typical car-duplication pattern that has been used with money glitches in the past.

Check out the video below for a full set of instructions. It is worth noting that this is an older patch that worked with update 1.12. As Rockstar hasn't fixed it, it can still be exploited by players for money.

The next money glitch comes from YouTuber 'UpMost'. His method involves a car and bike, plus a friend who is willing to help you out. You will be required to order a specific motorcycle to your garage which should also contain your most expensive car.

After a few quick steps, players can easily duplicate their vehicle, which can then be sold for a good deal of money. The glitch can be repeated several times, making it a great way for players to make money.

If you do spot other glitches, do let us know about them in the comments below.