Renowned YouTubers namely DomisLive (aka Dom), iCrazyTeddy and TwoDynamic have collaboratively released the latest edition of their QnA series on YouTube, in an attempt to clarify doubts of discerning GTA 5 gamers and followers on a range of topics including Snowfall days, Heist vehicles, Heist costumes and a bunch of Cops n Crooks (CnC) missions.

Snowfall days

In response to a fan query about the Snowfall days with Christmas DLC for GTA Online, Dom clarifies that the snowfall will occur starting on the eve of Christmas Day or 24 December, followed by the 25th and 26th.

On the contrary, the internet is abuzz with speculation of snowfall occurring on the eve of Christmas, Christmas day, New Year's eve and on New Year's day.

It is ascertained that this speculation is solely based on the release of Fireworks Rocket Launcher, Rocket ammo and GTA Special Tees as part of Christmas DLC for GTA Online.

However, the three YouTubers opine that Rockstar is unlikely to feature snowfall on New Year's eve or New Year's day, but instead there could be an extended period of snowfall, following Christmas celebrations.

Stock mask and CnC missions

Dom asserts that we are likely to see the stock mask on Christmas day along with a surprise release of one CnC mission on the same day.

iCrazyTeddy adds that there is a possibility that Rockstar could release a Holiday DLC playlist for CnC missions, during the festive season.

Heist DLC vehicles

Talking about the Heist DLC vehicles, Dom and iCrazyTeddy hint that we could see a couple of stock Heist DLC vehicles being unlocked during the festive season or on New Year's eve.

Heist vehicles for free roaming

Among Heist vehicles, Dom suggests that the APC tank would be his favourite for free roaming, given its destructive capabilities and armoured protection against enemy gunfire.

Next up in the list of favourite Heist vehicles for free roaming would be the long-rumoured Hydra jet plane, given its offensive capabilities with homing missiles and a powerful machine gun onboard.

Dom then adds that it would be a cool change if Rockstar introduces a timer for using these vehicles in the game at specific intervals of time, in order to balance the scales between the haves and the have-nots.

For instance, the ability to call in these special vehicles as reinforcements or backup could be limited to just five minutes, this would definitely make the game more challenging and less monotonous.

Stock masks and Heist clothing

With Rockstar presenting a bunch of Christmas themed clothing and stock masks with 1.19 update for GTA Online, YouTubers suggest it would only be apt, if we get a glimpse of Heist DLC along with the release of the Christmas update.

Among top-rated masks for GTA Online, the three YouTubers pick out the reindeer and the Penguin mask as their favourites.

Heist weapons

Talking about Heist weapons, Dom emphasises that it's a bit weird to see Humming Launcher and Proximity Mines being introduced with the Christmas DLC as these weapons are in no way related to the new update, whatsoever.

Dom insists that he would instead opt for something like a snowball launcher. On the contrary, the heist weapons clearly hint at an impending release of CnC missions.

The three YouTubers admit that Flare Gun, Night vision and Thermite Bombs are undoubtedly their hot-favourites among the Heist weapons being released with the Christmas DLC.

The rest of the video discusses the possibility of an aircraft carrier ship making its way into the game with the release of Heists DLC in January 2015 and other interesting stuff that could be part of the upcoming DLC releases.

Interested gamers may check out answers to more such fan queries in the review video below:

In related news, Dom has shared an exclusive video detailing the variety of Heist clothing and mask being added into the game by modders, following the release of the Christmas update.

Among the bevy of fascinating feats accomplished by modders, avid GTA 5 gamers can witness modders infecting online players with single-player Heist clothing such as gas masks and boxing gloves, using some game breaking mods and glitches.

Check out some of the most-weird Heist costumes making the rounds on infected systems in GTA Online, in the Twitter screenshots posted below:

GTA 5 Online DLC QnA: Snowfall days, Heist vehicles, Cops n Crooks missions, and removing infected mods
GTA 5 Online DLC QnA: Snowfall days, Heist vehicles, Cops n Crooks missions, and removing infected mods
GTA 5 Online DLC QnA: Snowfall days, Heist vehicles, Cops n Crooks missions, and removing infected mods

Dom also explains how to remove these infected mods from your system and how to avoid getting infected, in the latter part of the video (below):