GTA 5 Online: Heist and Hydra Attack Helicopter DLC Details Leaked
Rockstar Games

Thanks to Rockstar's constant patching of money glitches with each update, GTA is becoming a tough place for gamers to make money. If you are one of the many people who are looking for some quick cash to purchase all the new items that arrived with the 1.15 Independence Day update, we have some quick money glitches for you.

The first one comes from YouTuber Prototype and requires players to call for the assistance of a friend. Players will have to pick a vehicle and get their vehicle impounded. After this, go to your garage and invite your friend.

Players can only duplicate four-door cars with this glitch. Your friend will have to get into your car through the door behind you. Once he is in your car, hit RT and you will be informed that your car has been destroyed. Hold down on your d-pad and select a story mode character.

Once you back out from that menu, your friend will be glitched such that he is stuck in your car. Get out of your vehicle and run to the blue circle and then duplicate it over any of your cars as shown in the video below. The video contains the entire set of instructions to complete the glitch.

If you have discovered any new money glitches that work with update 1.15, let us know in the comments below.