GTA 5 Online: Floating Car Glitches, Infected Hydraulic Mods, Swim on Air Glitch and Secret Locations
GTA 5 Online Rockstar Games

Rockstar has announced that calling in for support from Lester and other in-game allies will become much more affordable from 29 August to 7 September.

"So if you find yourself in need of backup, air support, transport or just need to disappear for a while, dial up any of your allies for a little "Roadside Assistance" and get 50% off the normal price," said Rockstar.

Check out all the discounted services below. If you are looking for an audio visual explanation, there is a video that does just that in the end of the report.

Brucie: Stay alpha with Brucie's BullShark Testosterone, which doubles damage inflicted and halves daffmage received.

Lamar: Call up Lamar and he will send a mugger after any one of your chosen adversaries who will lighten their wallet by stealing a portion of their cash.

Lester: One of Los Santos' most connected criminals, Lester, can help you avoid the fuzz by persuading them to turn a blind eye for a short period of time or clearing your wanted level. He can also locate transportation (cars, boats, planes and helicopters) or play tricks with the radar - revealing other players or masking your location temporarily. Lester's normal GTA$1,000 fee for setting bounties on other players has also been slashed to GTA$500.

Pegasus: Retrieve personal vehicles from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and have them delivered to your location.

Merryweather: Access all the paramilitary services that Merryweather Security Consulting has to offer at this reduced rate, including ammo crate drops, helicopter backup, boat/helicopter pickup, airstrikes and even your own private army of vengeful mercenaries.

Also worth noting is that rank requirements for these discounted services have also been removed. However, users should have received at least one call from each contact in order to use their service.