GTA 5: Online Ghost World Glitch and Funny Moments

Some discerning GTA 5 gamers have reportedly unearthed a new GTA Online glitch pertaining to a new Ghost World with secret entry to uncharted territory.

One such gamer and tipster, speedyw03, who is apparently a member of Rockstar's official GTA 5 bug testers and finders team, has posted a video depicting the Ghost World glitch in action.

The video reveals a bunch of crew members fiddling with the glitch and becoming invisible whenever they pass through certain sections of the map in GTA Online.

To be precise, the glitch actually teleports the user to a different location outside the map, while the bike tracks are still visible to other crew members watching him disappear into thin air.

The most interesting part of this glitch is that players can teleport back and forth from the real game world to the Ghost World and vice-versa, while also talking to each other and sharing some funny moments for the whole duration.

The glitch seems to work very well with the BMX, while some players have also tried the glitch with a car, as the crew members meet up in the Ghost World to share their experience together.

If you are still unconvinced, check out the video below: