Rockstar Games recently announced its plans to release the highly-anticipated GTA 5 Heists DLC for GTA Online along with a number of updates including Capture Creator and High-Life DLC for story mode in Spring.

Though Rockstar has not confirmed any specific dates for GTA 5 1.12 update or Heists DLC, a renowned tipster, Lazy Gamer aka BriceCoates1, with a consistent track record of leaking GTA 5 update news for online mode, has confirmed that the forthcoming 1.12 update would release before 20 April for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Lazy Gamer has reportedly revealed that the online heists content will be part of the upcoming 1.12 update and will be released prior to 20 April.

Here is what Lazy Gamer tweeted about the upcoming release of GTA 5 1.12 update:

GTA 5: Online Heists Finally Gets a Release Date

As this release date information was leaked on 1 April, several sceptics had questioned its credibility and brushed it aside as part of April fool scheme of pranks. But, the tipster has denied that his claim was a prank by citing that it's "Leaked NOT April Fool".

With Rockstar revealing the details of upcoming Heists DLC in its recent announcement, the release of the highly-anticipated 1.12 title update is definitely closer than ever.