Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for a special treat, as Rockstar Games has apparently left some intriguing clues pertaining to the upcoming DLC weapons and cars including Detonator, Tampa and Feroci in the hidden game files.

Renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom), has shared some interesting titbits regarding the leaked DLC game files comprising of hash codes for the three weapons, and a bunch of leaked images depicting the probable upgrade parts for the DLC cars.

With due credit to the prolific leaksters, Funmw2 and Yan22, it is ascertained that we will be receiving brand new cars such as Detonator, Tampa and Feroci for the upcoming DLC for GTA 5, along with some new custom modding capabilities for each of these cars via Los Santos Customs.

For instance, Yan22's recent tweet suggests that the Tampa can be customised with various engine and body parts such as the hood, spoiler, exhaust, roller-cage and wheels among others.

Dom hints that the Tampa could actually be a Sports car, given its ability to install custom roller-cages, among other things.

Along the lines of the Tampa, the Detonator and the Feroci can also be upgraded with a number of custom parts including the hood, spoiler, side-skirts and exhaust.

In line with the previous leaks, it is almost certain that these DLC cars will make their way into the next update for GTA 5 as was the case with the Zentorno, the Huntley and the Massacro.

It may be recalled that the time gap between the previous leak on DLC cars and their actual release barely summed up to a week. A similar DLC release seems to be on the cards, given the context of this leak.

Coming back to the second leak, a set of three new hash codes which have been tweeted by Funmw2, seem to suggest three new weapons that are currently unavailable for access in GTA 5 will make their debut with the upcoming DLC.

Though there are no names available for these leaked weapon hash codes at the moment, it is ascertained that Rockstar typically earmarks a unique hash code for each weapon being used in the game. And hence, hackers should be able to decrypt the hash code to disclose its name or identity.

Dom concludes that some weapons such as the Scar rifle, grenade launcher and M4/Sniper hybrid weapon, have been listed in the game files for a long time and we have not yet received them. So, it is only imperative that they would be part of the future DLCs in GTA 5.