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GTA 5: Meteorites, Asteroids & Ferris Wheel’s in GTA Online Explained Rockstar Games

For those of you who have been sighting asteroids, meteorites and ferris wheels in GTA Online, there is finally a solid explanation as to why they are around and how they get into the game.

There is a common misconception that these objects are special and are made by Rockstar -however, these objects are actually spawned by modders, and are definitely nothing official.

Here's how it works. The modder first spawns the object and it is stored in the console RAM of everyone in that game. When you join a new game, it will go with you or spawn where the player spawned originally in the previous game. So if you have seen any of these objects, it is likely that you will see them when you go into a different game lobby, usually in the spot where the modder first placed it.

While they don't have any negative effects on your gameplay, it is best that you avoid them. The objects do serve as visual pollution and can get rather annoying when they keep constantly reappearing.

Using similar techniques, modders spread UFOs in the same way before Rockstar stepped in to patch them out. We expect the developer to do similar things with these objects as well.

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