GTA 5 Online: New Leaked Casino DLC Exterior Gameplay, Glitches and Changes Wishlist for 1.16 Patch
GTA 5 Online: New Leaked Casino DLC Exterior Gameplay, Glitches and Changes Wishlist for 1.16 Patch Rockstar Games

Freshly leaked exterior gameplay information about Casino DLC has surfaced online via YouTube, as veteran modder and prolific DLC leaker, ChromeXmods, has shared his latest gameplay mod with discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom).

The tipster explains that ChromeXmods has showcased his new Casino gameplay mods without any doors at the entrance, as is the case with the eaxisting Casino building in GTA 5.

The veteran modder reportedly went through the leaked source code pertaining to the DLC and discovered various spawn points for the Casino doors.

Now the big question is why Rockstar would add these doors into the game code if they never intended to use them in the future.

Nevertheless, ChromeXmods has been successful in spawning and testing these doors in the game by walking through both the left and right doors of the Casino building.

As the tipster notes, the modder was able to identify the co-ordinates of these doors and spawn them in the game flawlessly.

In related news, another discerning tipster, iCrazyTeddy, has revealed the latest glitches and mods wishlist for 1.16 Patch, which is expected to release sometime in the first week of August.

Rockstar is expected to remove the limited edition items for Independence Day DLC in the upcoming 1.16 Patch, as stated in a recent Newswire report.

iCrazyTeddy also points out the minor changes incorporated with various money-making missions in GTA 5 such as Rooftop Rumble and Coveted in order to increase the difficulty level with every new update.

Consequently, discerning GTA 5 gamers have chosen to use more money exploits rather than grinding out the hard money missions for a few thousand bucks.

The tipster notes that Rockstar would do well if they add a couple of more money-making missions into the game while offering better payouts and rewards for completing the missions, as the existing missions: Rooftop Rumble and Coveted, have been tweaked to the extent of making them extremely long with smaller payouts.

The tipster concludes that nerfing of missions is one primary concern for avid fans of GTA 5 that needs to be addressed in the forthcoming 1.16 Patch, while keeping some of these harmless glitches untouched or unpatched in future updates.

There is also a mention of stunting mechanism glitch and the recent patching up of physics engine that is taking away the edge in races and mid-air stunts within the game in GTA Online.

Let us know if you feel some of the existing glitches and gameplay elements need to be retained with the forthcoming 1.16 Patch for GTA Online.