GTA 5: Quad Damage Insane HULK and God Mode Glitches Revealed
GTA 5: Quad Damage Insane Hulk and God Mode Glitches Revealed Rockstar Games

Discerning GTA 5 tipster, iCrazyTeddy, has revealed a couple of insane glitches that give you the power of extreme damage or make you invincible in the game.

First up you could use the nifty grenade launcher trick to blow up a car in just a couple of well-placed melee hits which is actually touted as the Quad Damage Insane Hulk glitch.

Tip #1: The key to get this right is to elbow your weapon for a melee attack on the front or sides of a car to break its armour and then watch it as the car catches fire and blows up.

As the tipster admits, the glitch has been tested and found to be working fine in GTA Online. Although it is not certain if the glitch works in single-player mode, there is no harm in trying it out.

Tip #2: You could try elbowing the fuel tank portion of the car for maximum effect. However, you might get killed in the process due to the resultant enormous explosion.

The glitch was originally discovered by another YouTube tipster, Triple Glitcher HD, who has posted a demo video for the same on YouTube.

In related news, the same tipster has revealed a game breaking invincibility glitch or God Mode glitch which allows the player to go under the ground and remain invisible to other players in the game.

While using the God Mode glitch, you will see pedestrians and cop cars floating on the ground level and you could shoot them down from below for a stealth kill.

Nevertheless, using this glitch extensively to abuse the game could result in random game crashes or freezes or in the worst case invite Rockstar's attention to patch up the glitch permanently.

Curious gamers are advised to exercise caution while using this glitch with friends or fellow players online and stick to 'Invite Only' sessions for trying out the glitch.