GTA 5 Online and San Andreas: Home Invasion and Heist Van DLC Gameplay Concept
GTA 5 Online and San Andreas: Home Invasion and Heist Van DLC Gameplay Concept

With the Heist DLC release for GTA Online looking more and more elusive, avid GTA 5 gamers are eagerly anticipating new leaked information about the Heist DLC gameplay.

There is better news for GTA 5 fans as discerning YouTuber, DomisLive (aka Dom), has revealed some interesting titbits about the leaked Home Invasion and Heist DLC gameplay for GTA Online, with due credit to GTA forums user, Retired Mafia.

Here is what the tipster, Retired Mafia, has to say about the leaked Heist van DLC concept gameplay in his GTA forum thread:

According to the tipster, the van DLC would include the following features or additions including body armour:

  • the possibility to customise vans
  • new vans added to the game
  • a new pegasus vehicle
  • logos on vans
  • masks

The description for the leaked van DLC concept further fuels speculation that we could actually see the debut of Burglar van from GTA: San Andreas (GTA: SA) in GTA 5.

The Burglar van would be available while performing a side-mission known as Home Invasion in GTA: SA between 8pm and 6am in-game time.

The side-mission required players to steal electronic goods and gadgets such as TV sets, VCRs, video game consoles, radios, microwaves, cash, guns and any other weapons.

Speculation is rife that a similar mission involving some kind of burglary missions could be introduced in GTA 5 with the release of upcoming Heist DLC for GTA Online.

Nevertheless, those who wish to get a first-hand experience of Burglary missions could purchase the GTA: San Andreas HD Re-mastered edition by Rockstar Games.

Check out some Heist Van DLC concept images below, courtesy of Retired Mafia:

The Clown Mask
The Clown Mask - The perfect mask for driving the clown van gta forums/Retired Mafia
Ski Mask
Ski Mask - the classic mask for criminal jobs. gta forums/Retired Mafia
Logos - Enjoy crew logos on different places of the Van like the hood, both sides, and the back gta forums/Retired Mafia
The Vapid Ice Cream Van
The Vapid Ice Cream Van - A pegasus vehicle which seats 2 players, it can be stored and modified. gta forums/Retired Mafia
The Undi Yardo
The Undi Yardo - A van which seats 3 players, anf has the possibility for 1 player to shoot out of the back, and sidedoor. The player can now shoot at the right side of the van too. gta forums/Retired Mafia
Benefactor Delmer
Benefactor Delmer - A van which seats 6 players, the most luxury car in the van class gta forums/Retired Mafia
The Vapid Dino
The Vapid Dino: A four-seater van wherein two players can shoot out of the back with heavy machine guns gta forums/Retired Mafia

GTA 5 Online and San Andreas: Home Invasion and Heist Van DLC Gameplay Concept
The BF Fletch - It will have the same top speed as the Vapid Dino, but a much faster acceleration, lot of traction and good handling gta forums/Retired Mafia