Rockstar Games is yet to announce GTA 5 for PC, while restless fans are busy unearthing new ways of experiencing GTA 5 gameplay in GTA 4 on PC.

A new Alpha Mod comprising GTA 5 maps for PC has recently surfaced online through the renowned modders of the game, GTA5Videos.

Gamers can turn Liberty City into Los Santos by using the Alpha Mod with GTA 5 maps in GTA 4, according to description of the Mod. To be precise, the Mod adds maps of Downtown Los Santos, the Docks, The Airport and a portion of Vinewood Hills from GTA 5 to GTA 4.

"There are not many vehicle and pedestrian paths yet. We will be uploading more videos about this mod when progression is made!" adds the Mod description on YouTube.

Check out the GTA 5 PC Mod in action, in the demo video below:

So far, the mod has reportedly attracted mixed reviews on YouTube from discerning GTA gamers, as some users have been complaining of inherent bugs and glitches, while others seem to like it.

Just a few days ago, another veteran modder, Taltigolt, had posted the North Yankton Mod on YouTube to bring the game world experience of GTA 5 in GTA 4.

Here is what the modder wrote on YouTube, a few days ago:

"I don't know when it will release but sometime in april, i've been harassed and threatened life threats, among other things by people for this mod and gta 5 mod for sometime now (sic).

"So i have to rush release it so expect it sometime in april, i am also going on a vacation for the first time in my life since 2005 so i'll finally hopefully be able to relax (sic)."

Check out the video depicting North Yankton Mod below:

Rockstar is yet to comment on the availability of GTA 5 for PC, Xbox One and PS4, while a growing petition has garnered 700,000 signatures from GTA 5 fans, asking Rockstar to bring the highly-anticipated game to PC.