Rockstar recently rolled out a new maintenance update with 1.09 Patch to bring a handful of bug-fixes and hot-fixes to the online version of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). The patch addresses several exploits including the infinite money glitch, RP glitch and other cheats used in GTA Online.

Despite Rockstar's repeated efforts to curb the menace with unfair gameplay and restore balance in GTA Online, several hackers and discerning GTA gamers have unearthed yet another car duplication glitch for unlimited money in 1.09 title update.

Basically, there are two new ways of making quick money in GTA Online through car duplication glitch. The first method involves getting killed by the cops or another player to duplicate your vehicle, while the second method requires you get invited by your friend to his apartment in online gameplay.

As the first method is a bit less complicated, novice GTA gamers are advised to try this before jumping to the second one. The second method reportedly has a few limitations that you will see later.

How to Become a Quick Billionaire Using Car Duplication Glitch in 1.09 Patch (Method 1)

  • Duplicate any super expensive cars including super sports car or adder in the game. You can duplicate a car along with add-ons or upgrades...
  • Basically take out your favourite car that you want to duplicate and get killed by the cops by raising your wanted level high enough. To do this, just keep shooting any random police car or civilian vehicles on the road to grab the attention of cops.
  • Once the cops start shooting at you, just stand close to your car and ensure you get shot until you are dead.
  • Alternatively, you can get another player or your friend to kill you in GTA Online.
  • If you are killed by the cops, then your car will get impounded. Now call your mechanic by hitting the select button and then choose Request Personal Vehicle. Finally, keep tapping on the "A" button repeatedly so that your car will re-spawn at the same location where you were just killed.
  • Then your mechanic will drive your car back to you. You can then take the car back to your garage. Meanwhile, call up your vehicle insurance company and get the impounded car refunded.
  • The next time you enter the garage you will find that the car is already duplicated. However, you will find that the first car has its insurance intact while the duplicated car has no insurance. Just drive the car without insurance to the Los Santos customs shop and get it insured.
  • Now you have two cars of the same make which are fully insured. So, the next time one of these cars is impounded you can rinse and repeat the process.

In this way, you can duplicate a maximum of ten super expensive cars if you own a ten-car garage. Then sell them all one by one at the Los Santos customs shop to become a quick billionaire in GTA 5.

If you are a sceptic, check out the videos below:

How to Become a Quick Billionaire Using Car Duplication Glitch in 1.09 Patch (Method 2)

  • Get a friend invite to join him/her at his/her apartment (make sure it is purchased via Dynasty website)
  • Now head over directly to your friend's garage at the apartment. Just make sure the garage holds some kind of modded vehicles or luxury cars that you want to duplicate.
  • Walk over to the vehicle that your friend is already occupying and ask him to drive, while you sit beside him.
  • Before you exit the garage, get your friend to buy a brand new apartment in the same locality, same building and from the same website in GTA Online (this is the only limitation). Just ensure that it is a ten-car garage to accommodate all the cars that your friend owns.
  • Now your friend has moved in to the new apartment, and his old apartment has been traded in.
  • You can now drive the duplicated car out of your friend's garage and take it back to your own garage. Now if your garage is already full, you may see that one of your cars is replaced by the new duplicated car which is invisible due to a glitch.
  • Now walk over to another car beside the empty car slot and drive it out of your garage. Return with the car back inside the garage and park it at its original location. The duplicated new car should now appear in its place.

For further assistance, check out the video below: