Rockstar Games' record-breaking game of the year (2013) has been making a lot of news in popularity and sales ever since its release last September.

A couple of reasons for its growing stature and recognition may be rightly attributed to the abundance of in-game glitches as well as the uninhibited open-world gameplay waiting to be exploited by greedy gamers; besides news of an impending PC release that promises to bring superior graphics and gameplay to hardcore GTA gamers.

Leaked GTA 5 PC Footage Taken Down Over Copyright Infringement [VIDEO]
Take-Two Interactive slaps copyright ban on leaked GTA 5 PC footage posted via YouTube

News of an impending PC release is gaining momentum as an allegedly leaked PC footage of GTA 5 recently surfaced online, making waves on the internet. The leaked video was first spotted online by Junkie Monkeys who attributed the work to a YouTube user warrockteam1.

Warrockteam1 is known for his successful mods with GTA 4 and other games. However, it is still unclear how he managed to get his hands dirty with a leaked PC footage for GTA 5. Though the footage was believed to be a fake by many within GTA community, it was abruptly taken down with a copyright strike from Take-Two Interactive on grounds of infringing its intellectual property.

The video is no longer available for public viewing as it displays the message: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Take 2 Games."

Check out the video screenshot for the same below:

Leaked GTA 5 PC Footage Taken Down Over Copyright Infringement [VIDEO]

As CinemaBlend notes, it is unlikely that Take-Two's legal team would waste its time in taking down a fake PC footage, as its track record suggests zero such instances in the past when several fake GTA 5 PC video uploads went viral online and Rockstar took no action against them.

Other key point to note is the name of the video which reads "IMG_0373.mp4". It is quite suspicious that why someone would try to protect a fake PC footage from appearing in YouTube search filters, if it had no copyright issues.

CinemaBlend goes a step further reminding us of its recent copyright dispute with the leaked configuration data of the PC/PS4 build of GTA 5 that was published online. The infringing images of the game code for PC /PS4 had then attracted a fine of $250,000 from Rockstar and Take-Two.

Given the flurry of leaks recently, the leaked PC footage for GTA 5 should have indeed raised some serious concerns with the game developer, forcing an evasive takedown.