Rockstar Games has recently rolled out the 1.09 patch to fix several exploits in GTA 5 online including the infinite money glitch, RP glitch as well as fixes for other cheats and exploits.

Nevertheless, discerning GTA gamers have unearthed a new unlimited RP glitch along with a bunch of DNS codes to unlock the Modded Lobby glitch for earning unlimited in-game cash, huge price discounts on vehicle purchases, massive bounty rewards up to 2bn and more.

As usual hackers have found new exploits in the game to access Special Edition and Collector's Edition DLCs, atomic blimp DLC, God mode or invincibility, fast level-up cheats up to level 300, cheater pool bypass, bad sport bypass, increased vehicle selling price limit, increased passive mode price to dump excess cash, new character tune-ups, infinite money hack, access to christmass content and more.

If you are a sceptic, check out the YouTube videos below, courtesy of MegaGamingNonstop TV:

In addition to the Modded Lobby glitch, another unlimited RP glitch pertaining to the in-game mission, Rooftop Rumble, has been unearthed following the 1.09 title update for GTA 5. During this mission, the player is required to deliver the documents to madrazo's house, while ensuring that the helicopter does not land but rather hovers over the objective marker.

Tip: If you do this right, your RP points start increasing by 25 points and you could reach level 200 in no time. Just ensure that you do keep the helicopter hovering just right above the marker to accomplish this feat.

NOTE: In order to access this mission, you need to be at least level 75 and above.

For further assistance, check out the video tutorial below, courtesy of MW3Stream: