A massive "GTA 6" leak released tons of videos and screenshots in September that revealed details about the upcoming game. One of the most interesting details about the gameplay is the confirmation of a female playable character, the first in the gaming franchise.

'GTA 6' introduces the first female playable character named Lucia

There were already "GTA 6" rumours about a playable female character, but the leaked gameplay videos finally confirmed these claims, according to ScreenRant. While little is known about the daring outlaw, the videos finally confirmed that her name is Lucia.

Lucia seems to be a hardened professional criminal as she is extremely capable of a robbery or firefight. In one of the leaked "GTA 6" gameplay videos, she is even seen robbing a diner in broad daylight.

Lucia is part of a crime duo in 'GTA 6'

The confirmation of Lucia as a playable character in "Grand Theft Auto VI" appears to have confirmed previous rumours about the character. For instance, prior rumours suggested that Lucia is part of a crime duo that is a reinterpretation of Bonnie and Clyde.

This suggests that Lucia and his partner named Jason, are likely both romantic partners and criminal conspirators. Another prior rumour suggested that Lucia is Latina, but it's a bit hard to confirm that detail based on the leaked gameplay videos.

Why the introduction of a female character in 'GTA 6' is important?

ScreenRant stated introducing a female protagonist in the upcoming game could broaden the series' appeal to women gamers.

The decision to have a female protagonist in GTA 6 could also help broaden the series' appeal among women gamers. "While it's difficult to imagine GTA 6 being anything other than a huge financial success for Rockstar, it certainly wouldn't hurt if the series broadened its appeal even further," the outlet said.

Aside from the lack of female playable characters, the GTA franchise has been criticized for the "negative representations of women within Rockstar's games." In previous titles, women were merely depicted as sex workers or were presented as "obstacles for the male protagonists (such as Michael's wife in GTA 5, who screams and cheats on him) or are portrayed as objects."

A female character in "GTA 6" could help update the franchise's representation of women in its games.

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