GTA 6 Wishlist: Will it Bring New City, Realistic Gas Cars and Bikes, Custom Gangs and Business Bodyguards?

GTA 5 has been overwhelmingly successful owing to its open-world gameplay with the ability to explore hundreds of hidden secrets as well as loads of glitches waiting to be exploited.

It is no secret that Rockstar's tireless efforts to patch up exploits and enable fair gameplay have not yielded the expected results as discerning gamers have unearthed new ways to cheat, hack and earn unlimited money and Reputation or Ranking Points (RP) in the game.

Despite the freedom that GTA 5 offers to hard-core gamers, avid fans of GTA have been craving for more as they reveal their high expectations for GTA 6 with an endless wishlist asking Rockstar to take the game to the next level.

IBTimes UK explores the various possibilities and suggestions put forth by discerning GTA fans.

Here is the gist of the most popular demands that fans wish to see in the sixth GTA instalment:

  • More realistic gas driven cars that require frequent refills at gas stations to avoid running out of fuel
  • Reintroduce tow trucks
  • More stores and houses
  • Access to latest cars that are driven in real-life
  • Realistic police who issue tickets and collect fines from defaulters that are breaking rules or violating traffic signals, while also checking for license and registration documents randomly
  • Bring back bikes and add skateboard or rollerblades
  • Add more side jobs
  • Ability to buy more clothes and jewellery
  • Reintroduce planes with ability to train pilots
  • Buy houses and customise them to limits
  • Introduce opposite sex (boy and girl) as game's main characters or protagonists such as Bonnie and Clyde (current versions seem male-dominated as there is no female protagonist).
  • Ability to create your own custom gangs, criminal business portfolio and also manage your bodyguards
  • NPCs in the game offering to help you at times of distress or when you are hurt by offering to arrange for an ambulance or call for cops if your life is in grave danger from a rival gang
  • Include fully explorable multiple cities: Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas and Ludendorff
  • Let GTA 6 take place in a new city that has not been previously parodied by Rockstar North, such as Chicago, Atlanta or Philadelphia

There can be no confirmation of any of this until the arrival of the next GTA iteration.

However, fans and gamers of GTA 5 have made some interesting lists of things on GTA forums that they wish to see in the upcoming title, GTA 6. Here are some of the best ideas yet:

New City for GTA 6

or even Washington DC). I'm not gonna lie, Washington DC would be a cool place for GTA VI. Not only you've got DC itself, you've got the yuppie suburbs of Norther Virginia and Southern Maryland. Trust me, after living up in DC for 8 years, I've learned that the majority of DC is a ghetto when you go past the National Mall and all the federal buildings. And who could forget mentioning the metro when bringing up DC?

- universetwisters

"I myself would like to see Carcer City in GTA VI."- universetwisters

"I'd like to see Vice City, Carraways, and maybe Carcer..." - lol232

Bigger Map with Gigantic Desert/Wilderness

"I might be the only one to say this but i would want a san fierro and lasventruas map including a gigantic desert/wilderness and a much bigger/detailed map with the next gen." - boswellboxer

Better Online Version, 3 New Protagonists with 1 Female Protagonist

1. Regular online. Go back to the way IV online was. V online is just pathetic.

2. 3 new protagonists.

3. 1 of them female. (I just want to see how R* can handle it...)

4. Vice City

5. 80's

- caseclosedjk

More Side Jobs, Big Cars and Good Music

- 1980s/early 1990s setting: crack epidemic, big cars, good music.

- New city (presumably in the midwest/Seattle/Texas-Mexico border or even Washington DC).

- More interiors and free roaming stuff, as well as more interesting and crime related side activities.

- RoadRunner71

Bigger Map yet Smaller City of 80s

"GTA Vice City in the 80's.

"Map should be big, but the city should feel small, because this big city of Los Santos and Liberty City, it feels like you have to go from point A to point B all the time, while in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, they felt familiar.

"Sorry for the double post, but I'm thinking that Italy would be a great place as well, with all the culture it would be something completely different! 3 cities and countryside in between them, including mountains and many hills." - Initium

New Vice City of Modern Age

"Why do you really want Vice City to be in the 80's again? GTA Vice City is already amazing in depicting the 80's vibe, so it's about time we should move on and let's see what the new Vice City looks like in the modern period.

"As per the topic says, yes it's about time we see Vice City remade in HD universe and this time follow the chronological order of the current universe." – ExtremoMania

GTA 6 Wishlist by CerealKiller182

1. Brand new city, based on a different American city like Boston, New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore, or one of the big ones in Texas

2. Keep the 3 protagonists. That was a fun feature

3. Female protagonist. I saw an other website mention this, and I thought it could be interesting

4. Breaking Bad style character: Wholesome law-abiding citizen on hard times who turns to crime and gets deeper and deeper, instead of someone already steeped in the life.

5. Vigilante character: Someone delusional enough to put on a mask and think they're unstoppable. Not as fantastical as Batman but maybe something satirical like Kick-Ass

6. Subplots instead of side missions. If they continue using 3 protagonists, instead of having these either isolated incidents or fun (but skippable) "sure I'll help" missions, have each character have more personal business to take care of

7. Bring back the eccentric weapons. Chainsaws, hammers, katanas. They might exist in GTA 5 but I haven't seen them yet.


Watch some of these great ideas shared on YouTube videos (below):