US actress Gwyneth Paltrow has embarked on a mission to live off food stamps for a week as part of a New York City initiative, the Food Bank Challenge.

Announcing her plans via Twitter, the Goop founder shared a photo of a very basic grocery shop, mainly consisting of vegetables, eggs and rice, which came to a total of $29 (£19.80).

The 42-year-old is yet to provide another update on how she is coping with the challenge but perhaps she is reluctant to after being ridiculed on social media for her attempt.

Some Twitter users argue that, given the actress's wealthy lifestyle, she is not able to fully understand what it is like for New York residents who struggle with limited food stamps, also known as SNAP, on a weekly basis.

The #FoodBankNYCChallenge was created by chef Mario Batali because "congress cut food stamps twice since 2013, and soup kitchens and food pantries saw an immediate increase in visitors. New Yorkers can't afford any cuts to food stamps."

The Iron Man actress recently hit back at critics, insisting that she is able to relate to the "common woman".

She told CNN Money: "I am incredibly close to the common woman in that I am a woman and I'm a mother. We are all in a physical body with beating hearts and compassion and love – we are all seekers, we all want questions we all want fulfilment, we want to live our best lives, we want to be healthy and happy and squeeze the most we can out of life. I think that's all women."

Paltrow's lifestyle website Goop has been heavily criticised for its health advice and listing expensive products, but the actress says naysayers have not taken the time to browse the website.

"I see myself as an actor and a mother and an entrepreneur. I don't see myself as a guru at all," the Hollywood star said.