Once a year we prepare our homes for Halloween and the various little monsters that come knocking on our door.

One of the most important parts of our celebration of all things spooky, is the long standing tradition of carving a Halloween pumpkin, which we proudly place outside our front doors for all to see.

Over the years, pumpkin carving has become something of an art that is enjoyed by both children and adults alike, and while some are content to go for a basic traditional design, others wish to try their hand at something a little more adventurous.

IBTimes UK has put together a list of ten unique ways to create your Halloween pumpkin this year.

1. Basic Pumpkin

2. Facial Features

3. Decorative Pumpkins

4. Pumpkins Using Dry Ice and Drills

5. Smoking Pumpkin

6. Glitter Pumpkin

7. Glow in the Dark Pumpkin

8. Oozing Pumpkin

9. A Halloween Pumpkin to Toast Your Marshmallows On

10. Disney Pumpkin

For the more experienced pumpkin carvers, here are some adventurous ideas to try.