Harry Potter
You no longer have to wish for a spell that would have all eight Harry Potter movies playing on repeat... Warner Bros. Pictures

Have you ever found yourself staring into space on the sofa, just wishing that you could binge-watch the entire Harry Potter movie franchise in one sitting with just a simple flick of the remote, rather than having to mess about loading each and every weathered disc into your DVD player in meticulous order from your well-loved boxset whenever you want a magic-fix? Well, now your prayers have been answered as Sky have announced that they are dedicating a whole channel to all things wizarding world with a channel that will play each of the eight movies, inevitably back to back in honour of the biggest series to come out of the UK.

As well as airing the movies on the channel, Sky promises to showcase several documentaries, behind-the-scenes shorts and interview specials with the main cast of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as they talk about the famous film series. Extended cuts of the theatrical versions will also be shown.

Unfortunately for hardcore fans, the channel won't be permanent, however, as the cable network is simply renaming its Sky Greats Movie channel to Sky Movies Harry Potter and dedicating its content as such for just one week, beginning on Saturday 24 October and ending on 2 November. The event comes about to celebrate Harry Potter flying over to Sky Movies in terms of streaming rights.

Coinciding partly with the half-term school holidays, and running over Halloween on the 31st, the Sky takeover marks the first of what is likely to be a year's worth of celebrations when it comes to Harry Potter-related things as tribute to the 15th anniversary of the first film release. Early 2016 will see the first-ever official theatre production, entitled The Cursed Child, created by JK Rowling herself and a movie adaptation of her 2001 short book Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them will also be coming out later on in the same year.

Sky Movies Harry Potter will be on Sky channel 304 from 24 October-2 November.