Harry Styles
Harry Styles suffered a string of minor injuries on the set of WWII movie Dunkirk FRANCOIS LO PRESTI/AFP/Getty Images

Harry Styles recently made his debut with the critically acclaimed Dunkirk, which releases in cinemas on 21 July. And, while the film is being touted as the first real Oscar contender of 2017 that is not what Chelsea Handler wanted to talk about in her interview with the former One Direction member.

"I don't have a ton of time because I'm going to a pool party, so I need kind of one-word answers," the talk show host kicked off. "I don't need you to go off and on about your acting and how you get into a role. People will see it for themselves and decide whether or not they think you're qualified."

Styles was happy to accommodate her request and took real efforts to keep his answers to a single word (most of the time).

"You're British — can you explain photosynthesis?" Handler questioned, to which the 23-year-old confidently replied: "Yes."

Onto to the next, the comedian-actress asked him about their difference in accents, his best talent, haircut and if he and Justin Timberlake get together to high-five each other for getting out of boy bands.

She then referred to a rumour on the Internet that Styles has four nipples. "Right," he answered trying to keep a straight face, before pointing out where on his torso they are located.

Handler went on to ask her guest why he did not go by the name Harold (not his name) and why he wore so much jewellery. "Who do you think you are? Mick Jagger?" she questioned sarcastically.

The QnA session ended with the This Means War actress then asking him a very important question: "Do you find yourself sexually attracted to me?" Styles fumbled around for an answer before finally settling on "Sure" before breaking into a fit of giggles.

Watch the complete Chelsea interview with Harry Styles below: