Former Fifa president Sepp Blatter has insinuated that Roger Federer has never been looked at with regards to his wealth as he is "untouchable."

There have been a flurry of tax evasion scandals in the football world in recent years with Lionel Messi most notably being accused of tax fraud and getting hit with a 21-month sentence.

Fellow Barcelona teammate Neymar was involved in his own case while Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez was also under investigation.

Most recently, Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of defrauding the Spanish state of €14.7m (£13m) in tax between 2011 and 2014 while Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was accused of defrauding Spanish authorities of €3.3m (£2.9m) in tax during his time at Real Madrid.

The controversial former Fifa president has since questioned why the football world keeps getting attacked and not the other top-earning sports stars. The 81-year-old also went on to drag his fellow Swiss compatriot Federer into the discussion.

"Why is the world of football always attacked?" Blatter said on Swiss public television RTS, as quoted on Yahoo. "No one has said a word about one of the biggest money collectors: Federer."

"He is untouchable. I am sure he is untouchable because he does everything right. Also baseball and NBA stars are not attacked."

While it is a strong claim made against the 18-time Grand Slam champion, it is interesting to note that Federer reportedly moved to Wollerau, Switzerland in 2008 which is regarded as one of the biggest tax-havens in Europe.

The 35-year-old also built a £6.5m ($8.2m) glass mansion in Wollerau in 2014.